Lighting Rentals                                        
String Lighting System                                                 
100' String lighting system supported by 10' tall trusses. This premium lighting system has 50 11w commercial light bulbs and easily lights up to 1000sqft. The 10' aluminum trusses provide plenty of clearance to install dance floors or tables and chairs underneath. 

Ask about other lighting options that can be added to this system.

$350.00+delivery & tax   (Price includes installation.)

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LED lit Tiffany blue crystal chandelier. These acrylic decorative chandeliers have remote controlled led lights. They are great for hanging from trees, patios, etc. 

$20 Each 

$25 Installed
+ Tax and Delivery

+ Tax and Delivery
LED Chandeliers                            
10" Diameter
16" Tall
​Farmhouse Light Towers                 
These 10' tall farmhouse style light towers are great for any event. Each tower has four 60 watt lights attached at the top and can light a 400sqft area. 
$95 Each
+ Tax And Delivery
*Price includes installation